Soldotna, Alaska

Avery Walden, 9, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro last year with her dad. Read about it at the Peninsula Clarion.

Anchorage, Alaska

They call the Iditarod “the Last Great Race” here. It’s the mushing equivalent of the World Series — there are qualifying races, everybody whittles down their teams, and by the time you race in the 750-mile trek, you’re typically pretty well known in the mushing world. In a changing world, the future of a sport that…

Kenai, Alaska

Taken with a Nikon D300 and a 55-200mm lens. Dancers prepare for a show in Kenai, Alaska.

Kenai, Alaska

I love the chance to capture motion. It’s a challenge, especially when the light is low, and sometimes you can get funny expressions that don’t necessarily make for a beautiful photograph. But there’s no image more alive than capturing someone when their muscles are strained, tenuous; the fluctuation of gravity and strength, distilled into a…

North Kenai, Alaska

No matter who you’re voting for in this election, you have to admit that Donald Trump makes some of the greatest expressions. Not sure if it’s intentional, but I’m personally morbidly fascinated by the number of ways that man can contort his face. This shot came from a local theater’s election season political spoof, called…

Nikiski, Alaska

A bit of a throwback to a flag-raising ceremony held in Nikiski at the beginning of September, on Veterans Day. A group of kids from one of the local elementary schools helped with raising the flags to dedicate to the local senior center’s veteran population. Alaska has a huge veteran population for a variety of…

Kenai, Alaska

A runner in the Kenai River Marathon makes it back to the finish line in Kenai, Alaska in September. Taken around noon with a Nikon D-300 and a 28-55 mm lens.

Salamatof, Alaska

Setnetters come in to the beach with a skiff loaded down with salmon from a commercial setnet operation in Cook Inlet. Taken in July with a Nikon D-300, 18-200 mm lens.

Hope, Alaska

People call the Kenai Peninsula “Alaska in miniature.” The peninsula, the shape of a palm with the fingers all extended downward, is surrounded by the Pacific but for a windswept, mountainous wrist in the northeast. A ridge of mountains runs down the east side toward the southwest; a broad river, the Kenai, runs down the…