Kasilof River, Alaska

Photo originally taken for the Peninsula Clarion. Do not reproduce or distribute without permission. A cow moose fords the Kasilof River in June 2017 as boats full of sportfishermen watch.

Kenai, Alaska

The flats at Kenai in March. Taken with a Nikon D300 and a 70-300 mm lens.

Kamishak Bay, Alaska

Far from town, across the water and deep in a cove, the Paint River overflows into Kamishak Bay on Cook Inlet. Unlike many of the stream systems flowing into the inlet, it is clear, the sands and boulders in the bay glassy┬ánear the shore. Sedimentary rocks arch high above the beach, bearing the pocks and…

Homer, Alaska

Mt. Iliamna in the dying light near Homer, Alaska on Sept. 2. Taken with an 28-55 mm lens on a Nikon D300.

Ninilchik, Alaska

The aurora borealis isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes it’s just ghostly sheets of green. Coastal Alaska is often so cloudy you can’t see it, even when it’s out. Sometimes it doesn’t quite dance, more like sliding across the sky. In the summer, when it’s warm, it never gets dark, so you…

Skilak Lake, Alaska

Every part of the Kenai River drainage is this vivid, shocking blue, like this image of Skilak Lake on a recent August day. It doesn’t seem real the first time you look at it. It didn’t look real to me until I got out on it in a boat, and skating across the surface, it…

Salamatof, Alaska

Setnetters come in to the beach with a skiff loaded down with salmon from a commercial setnet operation in Cook Inlet. Taken in July with a Nikon D-300, 18-200 mm lens.

Kenai River, Alaska

Taken at 3:30 a.m. with a Nikon D300 and an 18-200 mm lens, ISO 1800 F 5.6.

Kenai, Alaska

The struggle of art has nearly always been to take what is ordinary, portray it as it is but get people to see it in a new light. Hence a frame. Hence new colors. Hence arranging the pieces. Hence highlighting. But sometimes, it just falls flat and people see it for what it has always…

Kasilof Beach, Alaska

A murky morning and a fallow fishcamp on the banks of the Kasilof are a pale pair. I cross the heavy cord denoting the border of the buying station, nosing into territory I don’t belong in. I’m here so briefly, so briefly, just for a quick photo of the life preserver on this wall. Everything…